Epson v. Ninestar, et al.

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Patent Infringement Case, Claim Construction and Summary Judgment Hearings — Literal Infringement SJ Granted, Case Settled

For years, Seiko Epson has had to fight against patent infringement from overseas, specifically with regard to its inkjet cartridges. In order to remain on top of the issue, they have developed a partnership with By Design to maintain a consistent, strategic approach to the many similar cases that have and will continue to arise in defending Epson patents.

Some years ago, Epson won the right to have U.S. Customs stop shipments of infringing product into the country, but the offending companies continued to defy the ruling under various guises and schemes. In the end, Epson had to fight for enforcement by demonstrating precisely how the products in question infringed on the company’s rights and thereby stop the resellers from distributing even that product which made its way onto U.S. soil.

By Design has established an ongoing visual strategy for Epson that continues to meet and exceed the challenges of an increasingly sophisticated market of knock-off goods. The work goes beyond pure production into the selection of what evidence to present and how best to present it.

Epson and By Design are also able to repurpose previously created materials and act with speed and confidence to regularly settle case out of court, keeping cost and distraction low. In this way, potential offenders are discouraged and, over time, Epson is able to maintain focus on its core business.

Clients: Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt, P.C. and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP