Village at North Pointe v. Bloedel Construction

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Construction Defect Case, Twelve Week Jury Trial — Defense Verdict

In 2011, The Village at North Pointe condo association brought a lawsuit against the builder of three condominium buildings on the Oregon coast. By Design partnered with the ten defendants’ Portland-area counsel to demonstrate that the issues of concern were caused by normal wear-and-tear expected of buildings within a given distance from the ocean, not defects as the plaintiff would argue.

The By Design team moved to the city of Newport for the duration of the trial, working side-by-side with the defense teams so that the resulting work, despite difficulties inherent in juggling a diverse set of needs and styles, appeared seamless to the judge and jury. It was imperative that By Design be available to each of the ten separate defendants at any given time, with By Design’s vast courtroom experience providing consulting value-add in addition to trial technology deliverables.

The majority of By Design’s work in the case was focused on trial technology, including off-site graphic support, with a small number of supporting graphics to help build the complete case narrative. Following a twelve-week trial, the jury made its decision in favor of By Design’s clients after less than two hours of deliberation.

Clients: Spooner and Much, P.C.; Davis Rothwell Earle & Xòchiua P.C.; Smith Freed Eberhard P.C.; Rizzo Mattingly Bosworth PC; Wiles Law Group, LLC; Blunck & Walhood, LLC; Zipse Elkins & Mitchell; Law Office of Wendy M. Kent; MacMillian Scholz & Marks, P.C. and Lachenmeier Enloe Rall & Heinson