TransWeb v. 3M

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Patent Infringement and Antitrust Case, Three Week Jury Trial — $8 Million Awarded to Plaintiff

TransWeb is a small company that invented specialty filtration media for face masks worn in industrial settings which enable users to breathe easily and safely. The man behind that invention, Kumar Ogale, was a perfect example of American innovation — a smart entrepreneur who took his idea to an industry leader, in this case 3M, to help develop his concept. What transpired, though, was that 3M ended up securing the patent on TransWeb’s work, triggering a patent infringement lawsuit and damages for lost profit.

By Design joined the case team from the start of proceedings, beginning with research exercises and tutorial graphics. The team produced illustrations and schemas on the chemical processes that made TransWeb’s webbing innovative. It turned out that the very things that 3M accused TransWeb of infringing were the same things TransWeb had been doing, and documenting, for years.

In order to tell the story in a way that didn’t require an advanced degree, TransWeb needed to create multiple design options so the team would have have flexibility during trial. By Design developed several variants on the theme and worked with the client to adopt a friendly, educational approach with the jury.

By Design’s strategy paid off with a relatively fast trial and a result in favor of TransWeb.

Client: Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP