Ashby v. Farmers Insurance

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Insurance Class Action Case, Two Week Jury Trial — Defense Verdict

In 2010, a difficult time for U.S. workers and businesses alike, Farmers Insurance faced a $145M class action suit brought by policy holders who believed they had been wronged on their rate payments. The case hinged on the intent of a single lawyer who composed the notices in question. By Design helped demonstrate that the lawyer was well intentioned, and the case was found in favor of the defense.

The job of By Design’s trial graphic work was to create something tangible for the potentially overwhelmed and confused jury. During a time of economic stress, painting the insurance company in a positive light proved an additional challenge, given that the plaintiffs were attempting to position Farmers as yet another villain in the financial system.

Farmers won the case by humanizing the lawyer in question, leveraging By Design’s motion graphics to communicate the difficulty she faced in interpreting the laws at hand. Her intentions were sound, and the difficulties she faced were substantial. By focusing the trial graphics on the actual persons involved in the case and by plainly demonstrating the burden of evidence required to prove wrongdoing, By Design was able to make an otherwise complex issue into a far simpler and more direct story for the jury to comprehend.

Client: Stoel Rives LLP