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Patent Infringement Cases — Findings in Apple's Favor

By Design has created trial graphics for Apple in a series of patent infringement cases during the ongoing battle to define the future smartphone market.

For each case — opposed by Kodak, Elan and Motorola in turn — By Design provided on-site support to large teams of approximately 40 Apple attorneys, essentially becoming part of the in-house team because of the speed at which the cases moved. In order to keep up with demands, the teams had to produce so quickly that multiple content strategists and creators were always on hand, with a small handful of attorneys tasked with threading everything together into an effective narrative.

The high stakes and rapid pace of Apple’s ITC cases don’t allow time to go through normal protocols for content. Supporting teams of attorneys, assisted in large part by By Design, had to place content directly into production pieces in order to hit deadlines. By Design was among the select teams responsible for working on the full deck, whereas most of the team had to remain focused on a specific aspect of the case.

Through the course of each case many hundreds of graphics are produced, including video and animation, and while some of the work never sees trial it is essential that lead attorneys have the flexibility to select from a comprehensive set of options. By Design focused exclusively on trial graphics during this case, with Apple’s internal teams running trial technology and presentation of the work.

By Design continues to work with Apple on the trial graphic strategy and production required to maintain market dominance and defend against patent infringement by competitors at every turn.

Clients: Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP and Tensegrity Law Group LLP